Mission & Strategic Plan

Meeting the Moment: Ensuring Wildlife, People, and Ecosystems Thrive

National Wildlife Federation Strategic Plan, 2024-2030

In a critical time of accelerating climate and biodiversity crises, we envision improved ecological balance and safe, equitable access to clean water, air, and land to ensure that all wildlife, people, and ecosystems thrive. Achieving our mission is now our mutual, unwavering goal.

The National Wildlife Federation commits to achieve their vision statement by:

Working across the Federation to implement effective and innovative practices, policies, and programs that benefit wildlife, people, and our planet.

Upholding the We Envision, We Believe, We Commit statements adopted by NWF Affiliates.

Expanding our impact, built through authentic relationships with existing Affiliates and with partners and communities that have been traditionally excluded.

Moving with integrity and courage to affect transformational change at the intersection between wildlife conservation and environmental justice.

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Our Strategic Pillars

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Pillar 1 Wildlife Recovery and Habitat Restoration

We will urgently confront the biodiversity crisis and sixth mass extinction that threatens more than one-third of all species of wildlife and native plants in the United States and globally by developing, promoting, and enacting science-based solutions so that wildlife and people can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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Pillar 2 Climate Solutions and Clean Energy

We will urgently confront the escalating climate crisis in collaboration with partners to realize a world with thriving wildlife populations, resilient ecosystems, sustainable communities, and equitable access to high-quality opportunities to the clean energy economy.

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Pillar 3 Environmental Justice and Resilient Communities

Amplify the voices of marginalized communities to build and support an unstoppable movement that secures clean water, clean air, thriving and healthy communities, wildlife, and ecosystems for all.

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One Federation Foundation

Build a stronger, cohesive, and collaborative One Federation that can achieve significantly greater results for conservation, embodying the shared values and Affiliate adopted resolutions which together provide a common vision and priorities, and recognizing that strength in each of its members increases the strength and impact of the Federation as a whole.

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Key Takeaways

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We are at a critical junction to address the immense and interconnected crises facing wildlife, people, and the planet.

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Confronting the climate crisis by 2030 will require reducing pollution and making communities, habitats, and wildlife more resilient to climate-fueled disasters.

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The National Wildlife Federation must authentically partner with communities to address the climate and environmental injustice crises.

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Our state and territorial affiliates, our primary partners, have an essential role as partners in realizing this plan.

2023 Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

Taking Action to Save Wildlife, People, and Planet

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Glossary of Terms

In line with our commitment to fostering a unified approach to wildlife conservation, we’ve curated a dynamic glossary of scientific and cultural terms from this document. Please be aware, definitions may evolve to align with advancements in science and our changing culture.

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